Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything!

We had a VERY busy day! So busy, that were wasn't much time to post!

After our morning at Habitat for Humanity and Guadalupe Social Services, we felt it was time for a bit of a rest. So we headed to Lake Trafford for lunch, reflection and some sun. I think it is safe to say that we truly embraced this time of relaxation and contemplation after such a busy first few days!

After lunch were able to continue work on our footbridge project at Amigos en Cristo. We also had a tour of RCMA, a non-profit headquartered in Immokalee which provides an abundance of child care services. Everything from headstart, to daycare, to charter schools and more, RCMA looks to support families living and working in Immokalee.

We then were able to end our day with a presentation from Sr. Maureen Kellher. She is an immigration attorney who has lived and worked in Immokalee for over 30 years. I think it is safe to say that everyone in the group was moved and energized by her spirit!
Here are some thoughts from Allison Broaddrick, a senior...

"This evening, we had the pleasure of spending about an hour with Sister Maureen Kellher. She is an Immigration attorney at Legal Aid here in Immokalee. Overall, the experience left me quite inspired. She talked about everything from political asylum to her views on the Catholic faith. It was awesome to hear from a woman who was so passionate and knowledgeable about those she helps. Her nonchalant attitude when describing the cases she tried at the Supreme Court level showed her utter dedication to those on the margins. Her religious dedication was described in the same demeanor. Sister was one of 3 nuns invited to the Synod on the Family this year and described her exciting experience in the Vatican and some of statements she was able to make as a part of the Synod. She stands up for her belief in changes and advancements that she believes need to occur in the Catholic Church and was able to state those desires for change at such a prominent venue. These thoughts and others, such as her beliefs on women’s role and contribution in the Catholic Church, really resonated with me."

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